Islamic State silent Damascus offensive

Islamic State silent Damascus offensive

Since the Syrian army has announced the battle of eastern Ghouta a month ago no one has an eye on what is happening 7km away from the city center of the capital. On the 20th of january 2018 the Islamic State has launched a wide scaled assault against pro al-Qaida (HTS) rebels inside the Palestinian yarmuk camp which was 70% under IS control at the time. Few weeks later 90% of the camp fell into ISIS hands including the former FSA held al-Zain neighbourhood.

On 12th of March an agreement was reached in Qadam district between Syrian Government forces and rebels to evacuate the remained fighters from al-Qadam district to Idlib. The district was handed over to pro government forces at this day.

On 13th of march 2018 Rebels launched an assault at ISIS positions in al-Zain neighbourhood by using 2 Carbombs. ISIS media branch (Amaq) announced that its fighters repelled this attack.

At the same day ISIS has launched an attack against the Syrian army in Qadam district. After 24h of fighting ISIS has already claimed the destruction of a Syrian army tank and the killing of 10 soldiers. On 14th of March the Islamic State has announced the capture of new parts in al-Qadam district and the killing of more than 40 government soldiers.

On march 17, the heaviest fighting took place between ISIS and the Syrian army. The Syrian air force bombarded several positions of the terror organisation in Yarmuk and al-Qadam. ISIS succeed on this day to sneak into a Syrian army HQ and ambush at least 25 government loyal fighters.

On March 20 SOHR (Syrian observation for human rights) reported that the whole Qadam district fell to ISIS

According to pro government sources more than 110 soldiers were killed by ISIS in the last days during fighting in al-Qadam

After IS managed to fully capture Al-Qadam it stands right now at the outskirts of Al-Maydan district in south-Damascus City, Al-Maydan district is known for its Islamic scholars and schools for Sunni Islam.


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Naqshbandi group declares its rejection from Kurdistan Refrendum and PMU fights kurdish militas in northern Mosul

Naqshbandi group declares its rejection from Kurdistan Refrendum and PMU fights kurdish militas in northern Mosul

Iraqi sunni dominated Naqshbandi group announce its full rejection of the so-called (Kurdish Referendum) and declares to fight & thwart the plan to divide Iraq in a new official Statement of the group.

Naqshbandi was one of the most powerful sunni groups which has fought the Islamic State in Iraq alongside Iraqi secruity forces.

Iranian backed PMU militias and sunni Naqshbandi might fight alongside each other very soon against the Peshmerga in Iraq and ally themselves for a new enemy.

Yesterday there were reports about clashes between Kurdish militias and PMU fighters in Rabi’ah area in North western Mosul.

ISIS is increasing its attacks in Libya after massive regrouping in the desert

ISIS is increasing its attacks in Libya after massive regrouping in the desert

Libya: According to pro LNA sources ISIS has reportedly attacked Misrata forces 15km south of #Sirte this morning near Qassr Abu Hadi.

Meanwhile ISIS is currently amassing its troops in the whole desert region of south Sirte towards Bani Walid town in southern Misrata.

At 23th of August ISIS claimed an attack on Lybian army position in Lybia’s desert and killed at least 16 soldiers in Jurfah area. This claim was the first ISIS claim from Libyan ground since months.

Last week (31th of August 17) ISIS has claimed a carbomb attack in al-Nouflia. Claims the Killing and injuring of several Haftar forces.

Just four days after the carbomb attack (3th of September 17) Clashes reported between #ISIS and the Libyan army in the ‘Area 90’ 50km east of Sirte city. According to Libya State TV ISIS took control over Wadi al-Ahmar town, east of Sirte but withdrew after airstrikes, followed by an counter attack.

According to an Insider source ISIS plans to launch its attacks from the desert. The goal of the offensive will be ‘Huge’ according to a source.

On 27th of August ISIS has released its first footage from Libyan ground since more than a year.

The Joint Security Room in Bani Walid town, 180 km southeast of Tripoli, warned on Tuesday of suspicious movements of ISIS in the central desert region. Pointing out that ISIS has managed to reorganize itself and secure fuel supplies and communications lines.

In the last few days ISIS has launched more attacks against secruity forces than in a whole year after the defeat in Sirte.

ISIS attacks that have rose recently and resulted in the loss of a number of individuals.

Al-Qassam’s (Hamas) best friend in Gaza and Sinai is ISIS

Al-Qassam’s (Hamas) best friend in Gaza and Sinai is ISIS

Hamas has for sure not the same ideology like ISIS. But does it mean that there cant be a Cooperation between the both groups?

Al-Qassam (Hamas) Fighter pose with the flag of the Islamic State in Gaza

In this analyse I will show many proofs for a Hamas- ISIS cooperation in Gaza and Sinai.

Dozens of ISIS Sympathisers celebrate the Charlie Hebdo attack on 19.01.2015 in Gaza.


The Official Logo of the Al-Qassam Brigades in Gaza

The Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades (Arabicكتائب الشهيد عز الدين القسام‎‎; named after Izz ad-Din al-Qassam, often shortened to Al-Qassam BrigadesEQB) is the military wing of the Palestinian Hamas organization.

Created in mid 1991,[5] it was at the time concerned with blocking the Oslo Accords negotiations.[6][7] From 1994 to 2000, the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades carried out a number of attacks against Israelis.

The Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades is listed as a terrorist organisation by the European Union,[8] the United States,[9] Australia,[10] New Zealand,[11] the United Kingdom[8][12] and Egypt.[13]

Source: Wikipedia


Hamas most radical and most powerful military wing is the al-Qassam Brigade with nearly 80.000-120.000 fighters. Al-Qassam has good ties to ISIS, al-Qaida close groups in the Gaza strip like: Alwiyah al-Nasser Salahudeen, Liwa al-Tauhid (Pro ISIS), Liwa al-Haqq (Pro ISIS). 

According to Intel and pro ISIS sources dozens of Qassam fighters and top commanders joined ISIS in Sinai. One of them is al-Shaykh al-Mujahid al-Muhajir Tariq Badwan, Member of the elite forces of al-Qassam.

Liwa al-Haqq released many videos in which they show their sympathy to ISIS. In one of their videos they called muslims to support their brothers in Fallujah while the city was under heavy Iraqi army attack to recapture it from ISIS militants. While the Iraqi army began their offensive on Mosul City, Liwa al-Tauhid released another video in which they called ISIS their brothers and every muslim should support them because its according to the speaker a war between “Believers” and “Disbelievers”. Liwa al-Haqq also released a Video in which they criticized the Islamic Coalition lead by Saudi Arabia to fight the “Terror”. So its clear that they are according to their videos and statements very close to the ISIS Idelogy.

Its quite interesting that Liwa al-Haqq a Pro ISIS Group use the flag of Alwiya al-Nasser Salahudeen in their Videos. The official spokesmen of Awliya Salahudeen claimed “Very good Ties” to Hamas Military Wing al-Qassam. And also said that they are always cooperating against the Zionist occupation forces. According to the Alwiyah al-Nasser Salahudeens spokesmen the 3 most powerful groups in Gaza are (AlQassam, Alwiyah al-Nasser Salahudeen, Saraya al-Quds).

A Sniper of Awliyah Nassr S. Wears a headband in which it says above “Awliyah Nassr Salahudeen” and down there it says “Liwa al-Tauhid”

Awliyah Nassr Salahudeen fighters in Gaza.(Most of them wear the Awliyah, Liwa al-Tauhid (Pro ISIS Group) headbanner

Awliyah Nassr Salahudeen fighter speaks in an official Liwa al-Tauhid Video

Liwa al-Haqq mourns their killed fighters in a propaganda video


Hamas = Al-Qassam = Awliyah Nassr Salahudeen = Liwa al Tauhid = ISIS.

AlQassam ist the military wing of Hamas. The official spokesmen of Awliyah Nassr Salahudeen claimed very good relations to Al-Qassam and said that they are cooperating against Israel together with Saraya al-Quds. We know that Awliya Nassr S. Is the same like Liwa al-Tauhid, and we know that Liwa al-Tauhid is = ISIS.

An ISIS Headquarter under the direct Protection of an al-Qassam (Hamas) Militant in central Gaza


There are no more groups I have studied so much than IS and al-Qassam. Everytime when I see the IS fighters from Sinai I see Qassam militants. According to my Analyze a big number of well trained al-Qassam militants are fighting in the ranks of IS against the Egyptian army in Sinai. I have never seen a group which is so close to IS than al-Qassam. I dont talk About the idelogy, I speak about the behavior towards IS in Gaza. Al-Qassam trained them, gave them weapons, treared injured fighters in Gaza hospitals. Which group in Syria have such behaviour towards IS? I watched 100s of Qassam videos/ military parades. I also saw the latest IS Video from Sinai and I said: “Hey I saw those people in Gaza”.

ISIS Sniper Unit in Sinai
Al-Qassam (Hamas) Sniper unit in Gaza

IS soldiers using the Steyr .50 Sniper rifle in Sinai, exact the same sniper is used by the Al Qassam Brigades in Gaza. Even the camouflage they wear is the same.

Al-Qassam Fighters in Gaza
Military Parade of Al-Qassam in the Gaza Strip
ISIS Military Parade in Sinai

This Qassam Convoy from Gaza is the same IS Convoy from Sinai. Even the Pose with the Igla is the Same just 2. different Flags.

Left: ISIS, Right: al-Qassam . Its also strange that ISIS militants just wear helmets in Sinai.
I never saw an IS militant in Syria or Iraq Who had a Shahada lable at his shoulder. This is an al-Qassam Uniform!
al-Shaykh al-Mujahid al-Muhajir Tariq Badwan, also proof of his service in the elite forces of al-Qassam. He was killed recently fighting under the Islamic State in Sinai.
ISIS Confirms the death of their Fighter Tariq Badwan
    Abu Maghsib a member of #Hamas military wing al-Qassam who joined #IS in #Sinai was killed during clashes with the Egypt Army in Sinai.
    Abu Anas a member of #Hamas military wing al-Qassam who joined #IS in #Sinai was killed during clashes with the Egypt Army in Sinai.

    Hamas has also provided ISIS in the Sinai with training and sophisticated military equipment, and about half a year ago gave them an advanced Kornet anti-tank missile and launcher to use against heavy-duty Egyptian army vehicles.


    Ties between the two groups’ leaderships are also strengthening: Since 2015, Shadi al-Mani’i, the commander of ISIS’s Sinai branch, who is wanted by the Egyptian authorities, has been staying in Gaza. He previously led another Islamist group in the Sinai, Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis, that was affiliated to Al-Qaeda and carried out several operations against Israel. Al-Mani’i was also responsible for transferring the group’s allegiance from Al-Qaeda to ISIS.

    -The Washington Institue